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Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy


More about Tearza Bryant

Founder and Director of

Horizon Hangout

I have always had the dream of starting my very own childcare center. And now, by the grace of God, that dream is becoming a reality. The anticipation and excitement bubbling within me are simply indescribable. My vision for this endeavor extends far beyond the typical expectations of a childcare facility. I aspire to create an environment that exudes warmth, radiating love and care in every corner. It is my mission to provide a safe haven where children can confidently embrace their curiosity, knowing that they are protected and cherished. Here, laughter will resound, friendships will blossom, and every child will be celebrated for their unique qualities. But I must confess, dear friends, that none of this would be possible without your support. It is you who will help shape this dream into a vibrant reality.

Each child who graces

the doors of my childcare center, &

Each parent who places their trust in me, becomes an integral part of our journey together. Together, we will create a community that fosters growth, love, and resilience. As I stand at the precipice of this new chapter in my life, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and anticipation. The road ahead may hold its challenges, but with the unwavering support of each and every one of you, I am confident that God has placed this on my heart and we can conquer any obstacle. So, let us embark on this remarkable adventure together, hand in hand, as we nurture the young minds and hearts that will shape our future. I cannot wait to welcome each and every one of you into this haven of love and learning.


With heartfelt gratitude and boundless excitement, Tearza


Tearza's Children
Kaide and Talynn

Please review our

Policies and Regulations

Children must be potty-trained and within Kindergarten through 5th grade to attend Horizon Hangout.  When bringing your child to Horizon Hangout, please remember to dress them in comfortable clothing. The children will be climbing, tumbling and participating in craft activities!

When picking your child up from Horizon Hangout, please be sure to have a picture ID handy. In order to keep the children in our facility safe, only persons listed on the Registration Form will be allowed to pick up children. ID is required!

For the sake of your child, our staff members, and other children attending our facility, please send only healthy children to Horizon Hangout. Please consider the following health guidelines before deciding to send your child or keep him/her home:

  • Temperature of 100.6 or higher

  • Nausea/vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Red, watery eyes with yellow or cloudy drainage

  • Undiagnosed rash

  • Excessive phlegm cough and/or purulent nasal discharge

  • Severe sore throat

Your child should not have experienced any of these symptoms for at least 24 hours before coming to our facility. Horizon Hangout reserves the right to refuse entry or discharge early any child exhibiting any of the above symptoms.

Horizon Hangout uses a discipline system that includes praise, positive reinforcement, and role modeling. Time-out is used in our program when necessary. Horizon Hangout reserves the right to refuse admittance to any child whose continued presence compromises the safety or structure of our program.

These policies have been put into place in order to help ensure a safe and meaningful experience for you and your child.

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